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Business Growth & Development

Growing fast is of course nice but can be quite challening. How do you continue at high speed on your path and grow your company to a more stable phase without loosing that entrepreurial and can-do-culture, gain momentum, keep on challenging the market and still manage quality and cost-control?

Regardless of the phase your company are in or what challenges you might be facing, my unique approach enables you to move forward to your goals and future vision, with flexibility to adapt as the pre-conditions change along the way.

Together we create your own business model for success.


They say being the CEO is the most lobely job, But it doesn´t has to be.

As a CEO or business owner you might not have someone to talk to about the challenges you deal with or to discuss your options and challenges as a leader. I help you gain perspective, find new ways to approach a problem and I help you make critical choices on your transformation journey and support your own unique knowledge of the company and consolidate your ability to navigate your organization through challenges and opportunities and reach your goals.

I work as an advisor and soundboard and help you investigate, analyze and create solutions so you feel enthustiastic and empowered to reach your potential to the fullest.

My unique strategies are based on over 20 years of leadership and entrepreneurial ventures within different industries.

Together we transform obstacles to potential and results.



Strategy and strategic planning is absolutely vital to scale your business and is the foundation in Change Management that enables you ability to reach your goals. An effective strategy plan sets your business frame work which will guide you through a transformation or implementation in the best possible way. 

Maybe earlier projects or implementation hasn't really had that impact you wished for or maybe you just want to do it right from the start and make sure that everything goes according to plan.

Strategies for communication and staff-related issues is also cricual for the result.

Make sure that your values flow through every aspect of your business and learn tha tactics that will create a culture of performance.

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