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"I love problems, because they are a true source of great potential."

I am a generalist and my knowledge and skills are based on my experience as an entrepreneur, consultant and from having C-level positions within multiple businesses. 

My experience stretches from health and public helath sector to retail, pharmacy, IT and manufacturing industry.

I have a sharp eye when it comes to finding obstacles and possibilities within Management, Operations and the corporate culture, and my strong business acumen and broad experience is an important asset when advising other leaders.

I'm also a Certified Professional Managemengt Constultant according to ISO 20700:2017.

My ideal client is a leader that want to make a difference and want to define the future, not hide from it.

I don't deliver copy paste solutions - we work together to create  sustainable solutions that you can implement as a natural and sustainable part of management and the corporate culture.

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Gamla allén 21
131 50 Saltsjö Duvnäs





+46 (0)70 20 40 418


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